Breeze Solitaire Privacy Policy

You may not accept any of the following terms and conditions in order to apply for a “Breeze Solitaire” account.

1. Special Notice “Breeze Solitaire” agrees to provide Internet-based services ("Web Services") in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the rules of operation published from time to time, and agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement for the purpose of obtaining the User of the Web Services ("User" The prompts on the page complete all the registration procedures. By clicking on the "Register" button during the registration process, the user fully accepts all the terms of this Agreement. These terms may be updated at any time by the owner of “Breeze Solitaire”. Users should read the Service Agreement carefully before using the services provided by “Breeze Solitaire”. If users do not agree with the Service Agreement and / or modify it at any time, users can take the initiative to cancel the services provided by “Breeze Solitaire”.

2. Services 2.1 “Breeze Solitaire” The specific content of the network service is provided by “Breeze Solitaire” according to the actual situation, such as literary works reading, station news, commenting and so on. “Breeze Solitaire” reserves the right to change, discontinue or terminate all network services at any time.
2.2 “Breeze Solitaire” In the provision of network services, may be part of the network services (such as VIP work reading) users charge a fee. In this case, “Breeze Solitaire” will make an explicit prompt on the relevant page. If the user refuses to pay such fees, you can not use the relevant network services.
2.3 Users understand that “Breeze Solitaire” only provides the relevant network services, in addition to the related network services related equipment (such as computers, modems and other Internet-related devices, etc.) and the required costs (such as access Internet and pay for telephone charges and Internet access fees, etc.) should be the user's own burden.

3. Use the rules 3.1 When applying for the use of “Breeze Solitaire” Web Services, the user must apply to “Breeze Solitaire” for registration and provide accurate personal information. If there is any change in personal data, it must be updated in time. “Breeze Solitaire” shall not be liable for any loss of access to the Services as a result of inaccurate data.
3.2 User registration is successful, “Breeze Solitaire” will record each user user account and the corresponding password, the user account and password by the user responsible for the custody of the user account should be responsible for all activities and events of legal responsibility.
3.3 The User agrees to receive any promotional or other relevant commercial information that “Breeze Solitaire” may send to the User by e-mail or otherwise. 3.4 Users in the process of using “Breeze Solitaire” Web Services, must follow the following principles:
(A) comply with the relevant laws and regulations;
(B) shall not use the Web Services System for any unlawful purpose;
(C) comply with all network protocols, regulations and procedures relating to network services;
(D) shall not use the “Breeze Solitaire” Web Service System to perform any action which may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet;
(E) shall not transmit any harassing, abusive, abusive, intimidating, vulgar, obscene or any other unlawful information material using the “Breeze Solitaire” Web Services System;
(F) shall not use the “Breeze Solitaire” Web Service System for any behavior that is detrimental to “Breeze Solitaire”;
(G) shall take the communication channels provided by the relevant agencies for the services, products and business consultancy of “Breeze Solitaire” and cooperative business partners, and shall not publish negative publicity about “Breeze Solitaire” and related services in public places.
(H) If any illegal use of user accounts or account security vulnerabilities, should immediately notify “Breeze Solitaire”.

4. Content ownership
4.1 “Breeze Solitaire” Web services may include: text, software, sound, pictures, video, graphics and so on. All of these contents are protected by copyright law, trademark law and other property ownership laws.
4.2 The User may use such Content only after obtaining written authorization from “Breeze Solitaire” or other relevant rights holders.
4.3“Breeze Solitaire” only provides the business of the manga reading tool, “Breeze Solitaire” provides the text, pictures, etc., can not copy, recreate the content, or create content-related derivative products.
5. Privacy protection
5.1 Protecting the privacy of users, especially minors, is a fundamental policy of “Breeze Solitaire”, so if a parent (guardian) wishes to have minors (especially children under the age of 10) to use the service, parents (guardians) ) In the name of the application for registration, in accepting the service, should be the legal guardian status to determine whether the service is in line with minors. “Breeze Solitaire” undertakes not to provide user registration information to third parties (other than those listed in 5.2) nor to non-public content stored on “Breeze Solitaire” when users use the Web Services, except in the following cases:
(A) prior authorization of the user;
(B) in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations;
(C) in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government departments;
(D) to safeguard the interests of the public;
(E) To maintain the legitimate rights and interests of “Breeze Solitaire”. 5.2 Without the disclosure of individual user privacy data, “Breeze Solitaire” has the right to conduct technical analysis of the entire user database and commercial analysis of the user database has been analyzed, the use of. Although “Breeze Solitaire” has made great efforts to protect the privacy of users, there is no guarantee that the existing security measures will make the technical information of users free from any loss.

6. Disclaimer
6.1 “Breeze Solitaire” The owner does not guarantee the following:
(A) This Service will meet your requirements.
(B) The Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.
(C) “Breeze Solitaire” shall endeavor to ensure the integrity of the Serial Works, but NOBRA shall not be liable to the user for any serialization of the work that can not be continued due to the author or any other cause beyond the control of “Breeze Solitaire”.
(D) “Breeze Solitaire” reserves the right to suspend the use of the account in the event of any damage to, or damage to, the “Breeze Solitaire” Service.
6.2 Users expressly agree that their use of “Breeze Solitaire” network services will be entirely at their own risk; its use of “Breeze Solitaire” network services arising from all the consequences borne by itself, “Breeze Solitaire” the user does not bear any responsibility.

7. Service change, interruption or termination
7.1 “Breeze Solitaire” will notify you as much as possible of the need to suspend network services for system maintenance or upgrades.
7.2 “Breeze Solitaire” shall have the right to discontinue or terminate the provision of the Network Services to the User at any time without notice to the User in the event of any of the following:
(A) The personal data provided by the User is untrue;
(B) The User violates the usage rules set forth in this Agreement.
7.3 Except as described in the preceding paragraph, “Breeze Solitaire” reserves the right to discontinue or terminate any part or all of the Network Services at any time without prior notice to the User, and for any loss or damage resulting from the discontinuance or termination of all Services, The user or any third party assumes any responsibility.

8. Compensation for breach of contract
User agrees to indemnify and defend the interests of “Breeze Solitaire” and other Users, and damages to “Breeze Solitaire” or any other third party as a result of User's violation of applicable laws, regulations or any provision of this Agreement, and User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless reparation Liberty.

9. Jurisdiction
9.1 The creation, enforcement and interpretation of this Agreement and the resolution of the dispute shall be governed by the law of the location of the owner of “Breeze Solitaire”.
9.2 In the event of any dispute between the parties concerning the content of this Agreement or its implementation, the Parties shall endeavor to settle the dispute in an amicable manner and, if the negotiation fails, any party shall bring a lawsuit to the People's Court of “Breeze Solitaire” owner.

10. Notification and Service
All notices under this Agreement may be made by way of important page announcements, e-mails or regular mail transmissions, which are deemed to have been delivered to the addressee at the date of dispatch.

11. Other provisions
11.1 This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the matters contemplated by this Agreement and other related matters, and no rights to the parties hereto are hereby granted except as provided in this Agreement.
11.2 If any provision of this Agreement is for any reason wholly or partly invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in force and binding.
11.3 The headings in this Agreement are for convenience only and do not have legal or contractual effect.
11.4 This Agreement shall enter into force on 1 January 2017.

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